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why we love books


Oh yes! When we’re bored, when we need a little more adventure, when we cannot find a good movie or when the movies just don’t do justice to characters. We turn to BOOKS! Books allow us to experience fantasy worlds we may wish to inhibit, lives we wish to live and love we wish to find…

Our love for books is founded under the principles of being human, being able to feel and experience. So, why not join us? Fall in love with the smell of dog-cornered books and the fresh oxygen as you turn each chapter.


We don’t know if anyone has ever told you this before – but books are an absolute cheat-code to absolutely free and most of the time – great advice! These sources are not only limited to novels but :

  • Magazines
  • eBooks
  • AudioBooks
  • Pamphlets

Oh yes! They all fit into the category of BOOKS. So you need advice on being a new mom? How to control raging teens? How to explore the world during a pandemic? You name it! – And this is why we love the versatility of books, there’s just nothing they cannot do.


We know you have heard this one before. Books educate us – academically, financially, intellectually, humanly and yes even FUNNILY. Have you ever taken the time to pick up a book and read why patients are called patients and not, mmm…

You get the point, which is that books us a wide variety of knowledge all at our exposure, whether you are two and learning colours or fifty and learning how to navigate your way around the kitchen.

Books offer us knowledge to understand, most if not all life situations. This is why @TheQuotePeople, we encourage reviving and keeping alive the reading culture. Reading educates, entertains, advises and even keeps your stress levels down. Take it from us, this is a full-proof solution to your problems.


We have spoken about relieving stress – but what about mood? Believe it or not, books are proven to be an activity that renews and elevates both energy and mood. Who doesn’t want to be in a better mood? We know we do! – which is why we LOVE books!


The writing of books has provided with us with stories that rewrite the rules. From prejudice, race & discrimination, treason, testimonies, and war. Books offer an understanding of our pasts and plants the seed for generations to place into motion change. They challenge our comfortability in what we call being “human” by allowing us to see all the inhumane behaviour around us. So let’s rewrite the rules, change the narrative – keep the reading culture alive, by keeping the human race alive. One book at a time!

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