The Essence of the Reading Culture

Throughout the year, we have been taking a look at features that all contribute to our desire to rebirth the reading culture; from discussing what the reading culture is to how it contributes to our lives – we have uncovered what we call “The Essence of the Reading Culture.” To round up – let’s take a look at our top 5 most interesting blog content. Dive in won’t you, join us in keeping the culture alive!


As we all know reading dates back to 3500 BC, with the introduction of the printing press encourgaing the availability of books. Authors such as William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens and Emile Bronte have contributed to the emergence of a stable reading culture. So what exactly is the reading culture you may be asking? – IGI Global (1988-2021) defines reading culture as “a learned practice of seeking knowledge, information or entertainment through the written word.” The desire to capture such knowledge does not need to be academic, it can be anything from novels to self-help or life skill books!


Like we said before, books are an absolute CHEAT-CODE when it comes to making sense of this life thing. The reason for this being, the reading culture promoted through books also gives people great advice! – yes we are talking about those life skill/self-help books! Stressed out about your job? Your raging teenager? Perhaps you are depressed? These books offer a run-down on how to curve all life problems – YES, including financial problems. The contribution here is knowledge, entertainment, peace of mind and great advice, sounds like a win win to us!

We have spoken about relieving stress – but what about mood? Believe it or not, books are proven to be an activity that renews and elevates both energy and mood. Who doesn’t want to be in a better mood? We know we do! – which is why we LOVE books!


Oh yes! You’ve heard of writer’s block but have you heard of reader’s block? Reader’s block is characterized by the inability to find a novel or story that keeps you enagaged and intrigued. It creeps into the mind of the avid reader by eliminating interest in reading, thus causing frustration and essentially contributing to the death of the reading culture. So you’re probably wondering how to cure yourself of this “disease” – Here at TheQuotePeople, we’ve got you covered!

  • Explore Genres – there’s no point in reading the same thing over and over and over again, take a leap of faith. If you are usually a romance lover, try a bit of mystery – you never know where your love lays till you search it out
  • Ditch the boring titles – If the title alone does you have your mind racing with all the possibilities of what could happen, who it would happen to you – then take it from us…Ditch it! That’s not the book for you.
  • Take a peak at audio books – Oh yes! You don’t have to read to “read” anymore – thanks to the technological world, we can listen to books being read; call it a auditorial performance. We recommend The HandMaid’s Tale for starters.
  • Kicking it old school – Too many audio books? Switch it up – walk into a book store and pick out an awesome paperback to have your literacy goblins buzzing!

Well there’s no harm in reading the books we have previously recommended in our blogs. However, here’s a list of some ESSENTIALS brought to you by TheQuotePeople – bringing you closer to the reading culture, there’s no denying that “the label says luxurious.” Experience luxury with these exciting reads for the holidays!

  1. Ryan Holiday – “Ego Is The Enemy”
  2. John Maxwell – “The Winning Attitude”
  3. Joel Osteen – “Breakout”
  4. Rober Kiyosaki  – “Rich dad, Poor Dad”
  5. Napolean Hill – “ Think and Grow Rich”
  6. Charles Dickens – “A Christmas Carol”
  7. Laurie Lee – “Village Christmas”
  8. David Sedaris – ‘Holidays on Ice”

TheQuotePeople would like to wish you Happy Holidays, A Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year. Stick with us! – We will be doing more than just teaching you about the reading culture.


  1. IGI Global (1988-2021) “What is Reading Culture” Available at: [Accessed 21 November 2021]
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