Reader’s Block


We at Thequotepeople bring to you reader’s block…the inability to focus on reading or find something that excites your literacy goblins. The cure for reader’s block is only a READ away, dive in!

What is reader’s block?

Reader’s block is characterized by the inability to find a novel or story that keeps you engaged and intrigued. It creeps into the mind of the avid reader by eliminating interest in reading, thus causing frustration, and essentially contributing to the death of the reading culture.

 Didn’t think that was a thing, right? So how do we conquer reader’s block?

Conquering reader’s block


You remember being in school and having to read Shakespeare? The instant disinterest and boredom can be defined as reader’s block. This is because the point of reading is to enjoy the journey carved through imagery and to find yourself completely enveloped by the storyline. You cannot do that if you are not interested in the genre. So, to conquer reader’s block, one needs to explore a wider variety of literature…romance, thriller, horror, science fiction and so on. Exploring different genres allows you to develop a taste for the kinds of stories you find most interesting, meaning each time you pick up a book you are instantly thrown into the story. Avoid forcing yourself to read novels that do not capture your attention! Allow exploration to let you discover your favorites!


If the title does not get you excited, intrigued or emotional…DITCH IT! There is no point trying to get to the climax of an already boring book. Instead of capturing your attention and hooking you to various plot twists, these boring books with boring titles will only help you resent reading. You will find yourself dossing off and wondering why you just cannot seem to concentrate on the book. The title is boring! It does not speak to you, nor does it allow your mind to wonder in adventure. Next time you are looking for a new book to read, ensure that the title alone has your mind exploring the different possibilities about the book’s content.


With the evolution of the world, audiobooks have also become increasingly popular. This means that you are free to explore literature through spoken readings. As such, tone plays a large role in audiobooks by putting emphasis on HOW things are said by the characters. So, if you are experiencing reader’s block, audiobooks can definitely curve the effects of not being able to find interest in anything. Turns out sometimes you do not have to read but rather just listen 😊


If you have been spending most of your time reading online books and listening to audiobooks perhaps it is time to kick it old school with paperbacks! The thrill of turning physical pages, seeing the cover illustrations before you, and being able to trace the covers of the book alone gets one excited to begin reading. The physical touch of paperbacks often draws the reader further into the story through physical connection between the reader and the book. Yes, those ‘dog ear’ bookmarkers mean more than just a placeholder! So, if you find yourself lacking the excitement to continue with a book, find the paperback version! And kick it old school, surely your reader’s block would not like that!


Finally, perhaps your problem is reading way too many paperbacks. Switch it up with a kindle or applications such as Wattpad that allow you to explore libraries of novels all at the tips of your fingers! So, if you cannot seem to find something you are interested in, these will surely have a thing or two. You can even revisit old time favorites and rediscover the reason for starting this relationship in the first place. Do not allow reader’s block to take away your heart’s passion.  

These few steps are essential to curving the effects of reader’s block because they challenge all the aspects that it maintains within ones’ mind. If you find yourself suffering from it, it is probably not your fault, rather the way you are engaging with the content. So, through our strive to keep the reading culture alive, do your part by eliminating reader’s block.

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