Read A Book Day

Celebrating ‘Read a book day’ through TheQuotePeople, we open our horizons to all those consumed in work. This day allows us to step away from laptops and phones, instead, we flip pages! Want to figure out how to have a successful read a book day? We will be sharing our top secrets with you! – keep reading to join the club!

  1. D.E.A.R

Oh YES dear! – on this day you have to be dear to your inner peace. This first secret is a nicked potion celebrated on the 12th of April, but all the more fun right? So, what exactly does DEAR even mean?





That’s right! Drop everything and read! That means if its not a book, you need to drop it immediately on this day and allow yourself to just relax and be drawn into another world.

  • D.E.A.R – (Kids)

Okay so maybe you have children, and you can’t exactly drop everything and read – so here at Thequotepeople, we introduce to you – QuoteKids

How does it work?

  • Gather your children and their cousins if you wish.
  • The goal is to reveal your children’s reading geek through writing.
  • Give each person a small slip of paper and a pen to write a creative quote or scribbles if they are still young.
  • 1 person must read the quote and act out an interpretation of it – that way you read and have fun at the same time!
  • Don’t stop there! Allow the adults to join the game.

Okay so we have everyone busy, but we still can’t figure out the sweet spot. Where to look?

  • Cozy corner in the house (bring a pillow/pillows to support yourself)
  • Quiet Park – let’s take the fun outside!
  • Bed – yes, your warm bed can work too, bring a drink along!
  • Why not start a small reading room/corner in the comfort of your own home!

There we have it, the perfect ways to have an enjoyable ‘read a book day’ – Oh yes!

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