BOOKED – A Dedication To The Life Skill Books.

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Are you booked today? Great, we did not think so. Allow us to draw you into the world of Life Skill books – a phenemon that guides our way of living. Looking to make money? Grow in your Christian faith? What about managing your stress or ego? These books exist, let us at TheQuotePeople keep you BOOKED!



We call them “Life Skill” books because their genres extend over all human aspects from newly weds, new mothers to controlling raging teenagers. These books offer sound advice and guidance on how to achieve a suitable equilibrium within and throughout your life. So who gets to write these books? Often times, professionals within a field such as marriage counsellors but this does not mean that you cannot write a book of this magnitude. If you feel that you understand the meaning of love and how to find your soul mate – the only thing stopping you from writing is…well, you!



  1. Ryan Holiday – “Ego Is The Enemy”

Ryan Holiday is an American author, marketer, media strategist and entrepreneur. He wrote  “Ego Is The Enemy” in 2016 which includes topics surrounding leadership, personal development, business management and ambition. Book is available @

  1. John Maxwell – “The Winning Attitude”

John Maxwell is an American author, professional speaker and pastor. He wrote “The Winning Attitude” originally published in 1991. “In The Winning Attitude, (John Maxwell Co store)  John C. Maxwell shows you how you can change and become a winner. You can develop the attitude of mind which brings peace, courage, and success.” Book is available @

  1. Joel Osteen – “Breakout”

Joel Osteen is an American pastor, televangelist and author. He wrote “Breakout” – a Christian living book orginally published in 2014 that shows the “5 keys to Go Beyond Your Barriers and Live an Extraordinary Life.” Amazon acknowledges “rise above your greatest trials and discover the power of God’s greatness with five simple strategies – and step into the blessings of your life.” Book is available @


Now that we have discovered what life skill books are, who writes them and authors that have written such books – go discover ways to improve your life by diving into these pleasures.

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