The Quote People


The Brand Story - The Motivation Behind

What motivated me to start my business, you may ask…

Reading has been an integral part of my life from childhood. Ever since I could read and write, I was fascinated by the magic of stories. I then decided to turn my passion into writing where I wrote my first novel, ‘When love Strikes’ followed by ‘The Barn’. Two short stories inspired by life events.

Following this, I launched a publishing company where I help first time authors to tell their stories and to publish their books on the Amazon platform. To date, I have published novels, magazines, biographies, inspirational books and poetry anthologies with the help of an amazing team. We have also held the Publishers, Writers and Readers (PaWaR) events where we launched Classique Q&A Magazine, held workshops and networked with several other organisations. Following this, our books have exhibited at the Zimbabwe International Book Fair (ZIBF), the largest and most important book fair in Africa, usually held annually during the first week of August in the beautiful Harare Sculpture Gardens.

About The Quote People

Ultimately, The Quote People is an Extension Arm to the love for books where I’ve since developed a Prestigious selection of T-shirts, Notebooks and Mugs – all these, imprinted with inspirational quotes for Readers and Writers.

The purpose of this brand is to make one feel cool, confident, comfortable and at ease… when using our products in the middle of pursuing your own dreams.


Our T-shirts are made from a soft and light cotton material. They exist to give you that extra boost as a Comfy Fashion Statement.

Whilst our Mugs bear messages that trigger a sense of pleasure, as one tackles their project – assuring them that ‘They’ve Got This’ – be it book writing, reading completion or yet another adventure… HOORAY!

Want to tick off your to-do list? Get The Notebook!

‘The Notebook’ is an extension of one – a place to untangle the multitude of happenings in one’s life, a place to vent, celebrate, make plans and tick off the ‘Lengthy and seemingly impossible’ To-do list🙆🏽‍♀‍

With the Ticking off,
Comes the fulfilment arising from the sense of accomplishment.

The Experience, affording you the Exhilarating Sense…
of Touch… of Feel… as the pen glides smoothly across the crisp pages while YOU…
Busily create the next anthology of your life – ‘The Writer’s Life – of Contentment’!

Each page gives one an inspirational Quote: to motivate, inspire and enthuse one along the way!

And guess what…?
You get a selection of 4 different designs to choose from.

For every notebook...

Because writing is central to everything I do, I have partnered with ‘One Tree Planted’, and committed to donating $1 for every notebook sold, to plant trees in Africa.

Trees are very much an integral part of what we do, because they provide the raw materials for the books that we love so much. On top of that… trees work extra hard to improve our health and well-being – so we figured…why not?

our commitment

I’m also excited to partner with My Candle TG to collaboratively bring you a handmade candle dubbed ‘Readers Delight.’

My Candle TG by Tariro is “dedicated to making scented candles to suit your lifestyle, mood and any occasion.”

The ‘Readers Delight’ is our own Favs – it’s made from cassis and fig with sweet and creamy notes.

Literally – every reader’s delight!


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